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Report: Lunch With H. Moser & Cie (Video)

Earlier this month we had the pleasure to invite a great group of friends & watch enthusiasts to enjoy a nice lunch with us in downtown Brussels. It was our heartfelt & gastronomical way of saying thanks for the continued support. We enjoyed medium rare burgers and explored very rare watches. Invité d’honneur, was none other than H. Moser & Cie. While we all had high expectations for what Moser had prepared for us on that day, none of us were expecting the amount of horological abundance that we were about to be presented with.

The theme of the day was ‘Haute Horlogerie’ and H. Moser & Cie is without question the definition thereof, a true manufacture (very rare nowadays) and independent watchmaker. Never boring, always audacious and perpetually challenging the status quo. The type of rare watchmaker that doesn’t just sometimes think outside of the box, but really only gets warmed up after burning the box in the first place… Like Morpheus once said: “There is no box” (well not exactly, but you get the point – and I hope the reference too). From Vantablack dials to Swiss cheese watch cases, it seems where other companies simply say ‘No’ – Moser instead asks the question ‘Go?’

Now, before diving into the fumé dials and manufacture movements, let’s take a moment to appreciate the art of giving a great speech. Rule number one is to avoid competing with the Chef. When possible, always avoid to be the one having to give that most unrewarding of speeches, the ‘just-before-a-meal’ speech. This of course, because you then have the dreaded job of trying to grab & keep people’s attention when you’re essentially the reason that they’re not having their lunch right then and there. This was however the job given to the Moser crew on the day we had our Meet in Brussels. When exchanging ideas in the weeks leading up to the event, I had suggested to perhaps eat first and present afterwards for that very reason. They however, didn’t seem to shy away and fully embraced the challenge as if to say: “Don’t worry, we got this”.

Little did I know they were bringing an absolute horological arsenal that quite frankly defied even my wildest expectations. They didn’t just present us with ‘some’ watches. No. They presented us with ‘all’ their watches. Moser’s orateur du jour, Nicholas, was given the daunting task of capturing the undivided attention of the group. Armed with little else than a handful of slides, he took us all on a journey through time & the Moser universe. Safe to say, he succeeded with honors to keep us all entertained & interested (even Ms de Griff whom – trust me when I say this – isn’t the best of listeners when left in a state of hunger). In typical Moser fashion, the presentation packed a good punch, a healthy dose of humor and a wide range of very rare watches.

Once the presentation was over, H. Moser’s other weapon of choice was let loose on the unsuspecting audience: Olivier. He is a former watchmaker at Moser, since moved into the customer-facing side of things. Olivier had been casually standing near the bar while we were all positively enthralled by Nicholas’ presentation. He swiftly moved out of the shadows, into the spotlight and carried with him the appetizers for the day. By that I mean, he carried several trays of Moser watches and was armed with a breadth of horological knowledge. At this point, everyone forgot their good table manners. As soon as permission was given, we all went hands on with the many watches on display. It is one thing to see and read about these watches online, it is a whole other experience when getting up close and personal with them. Huge bonus was of course getting all the detailed information and technical insights from Olivier & Nicholas.

Perhaps you want to know how well the presentation & selection of watches was received. Let me tell you that it was in fact now the Chef who was facing the dreadful task of having to follow-up on Nicholas & Olivier. Yes – in an unexpected turn of events absolutely nobody was moving to the tables when asked (repeatedly, seriously – and the food was excellent). Everyone stayed in the bar area talking, inspecting & admiring the many watches on display. Only after re-assuring everyone that “The watches – and Nicholas & Olivier – will still be there during & after lunch”, did we manage to finally get everyone seated at the table…

A lot of watches look best in pictures or in their 3D renders, the Moser watches however look even better in the flesh. It is also quite striking just how different each color of these dials look (I’m a sucker for the ‘Funky Blue’ dial myself). By holding them in your hands, a lot of other details become much more apparent. Like the curved crystal on the back, making for a very comfortable fit on the wrist. Also the sculpted sides on their watches, which add an extra level of detail to admire. And then of course, when you look through the caseback, and you can see their manufacture movements, that’s when you really start getting weak in the knees. But, I have written more than enough… Scroll down to see the short Video Recap and the Photo Report.

Photo Report


On behalf of everyone who attended the lunch, a very sincere thanks to H. Moser & Cie for joining us in Brussels, we all had a blast & it was an unforgettable experience. And from us here at DE GRIFF, thanks to everyone for attending and not breaking any watches! 🙂

For more information on Moser, head to their website

Pictures by Atelier de Griff and Riva Aquarama



  1. Well damn Jan, now you really make me feel terrible for not flying over to join the fun! Just wow… What a great read too!

    Can anyone tell me the exact names of the last two watches? Funky Blue Endeavour Perpetual Calendar and Purple… something? Looks so good! Also, that Alp watch is the first & only ‘smart’ watch on this planet that I’m now absolutely lusting after..

    1. Well you can’t blame me, I told & invited you well in advance… But of course, I understand the 14 hour flight can be a bit difficult for just a watch meetup – no harm done ;-). While I’m not immediately heading near you, Moser is now also in BKK so you can definitely check them out if you haven’t yet. If I recall correctly, they are now available in Central World (at Pendulum).

      The Alp watch stole more than a few wis-hearts, it’s all kinds of good. And that Perpetual Calendar is exactly what you called it (and a stunner). The Purple one, if I’m not mistaking, and I may be mistaking, is Endeavour Centre Seconds Concept with a “Purple Haze” fumé dial.

      1. Thanks Jan! You know you are always welcome here, is that trip happening in 2019 in the end (check email)? Let me know a bit in time so I don’t travel out at the same time. Looks like I know where I’m going in a few hours it seems 🙂

  2. Looks like so much fun again, and I think I recognize the bar too, excellent choice! Terrible I was too late to register, I hope you will remember me for the shortlist on your next event 🙂 Beautifully written Jan!

    1. Hey David – no doubt that there’ll be a ‘next time’ to join. Keep an eye out on the newsletter and website, we usually announce these a long time in advance. Thanks a lot!

  3. This meeting should have lasted the whole weekend! Time was flying that day. An absolute striking event across the board. Having the chance to see all the stunning Moser watches, meet the watchfam and finally: being invited to enjoy the best medium rare Burgers in Brussels with my son – priceless. The Swiss Alp watch is an eye catcher, the Pioneer Tourbillon drop-dead beautiful and the Endeavour Perpetual Calendar… very impressive. Big thanks to H. Moser for an awesome presentation and bigger thanks to you for being such a great host, dear Jan, my son and I had a blast!

    1. This is really great to read my friend. It was absolutely my pleasure to see you both again – as it always is! I agree that day flew by in no time! I do wonder how long you’ll be able to resist the Alp watch though… 😉

      Thanks a lot for your assistance with the pictures, it was a massive help!

  4. Well, I’ll be late for work but I had to read this first. Have been waiting for this article to drop ever since the event took place 😀 Looks like so much fun. It seems like a very relaxed way to see these exquisite watches up close. Burgers, watches, good people, what more can we ask for.. I hope to be able to join you when you make it to the US (next year?)! Absolutely love what you guys are doing, and I don’t just mean making me very nice watch straps.

    The important question: Which one did you take Jan? 🙂

    1. It’s very nice to hear, really, thank you! The US stint is proving a bit more complicated than first anticipated, it is still the plan yes and you know you’re invited! 🙂

      To answer your question: I calculated, and re-calculated, I simply couldn’t run fast enough to the exit I’m afraid 😉

  5. Dear Jan
    Your event was managed with perfection as a Moser perpetual movement , well designed , precise and interesting , fun to see and so tasty you would like to bite in and come back with a piece. 🧀🍔.
    And it was fun to watch and be there all together and sharing our passion. It was great meeting your fan club too.

    Thanks the H. Moser for comming to Belgium to share they masterpiece . Thanks for Maison De Greef for going over all the grand complication they had .

    Thank you for making this day an unforgetable one.
    You rock 👍

    1. Thanks a lot for the very kind words Mr Gavox! I’m glad you enjoyed it and were able to join us, as you know it is always nice to catch up with you 🙂

  6. Excellent vraiment! Dear Jan & family, as you know I would have done anything to be there with you but was unable to join. Seeing these pictures now, I see you were not exaggerating when you urged me to try and make it!! Looks fantastic. Also, Jan, and I mean this in the best of ways, have you been working out or lost weight since we last met? 😉

    1. Caude, I am laughing with tears here! 😀 No, I’m afraid it’s just life taking it’s toll on me (no worries, I know you mean it well). I did start to get more active again though, need to get fit again so I can go running with you at Baselworld 🙂

    1. Great to hear and absolutely no doubt! 🙂 Your (by now) legendary double wristshot is going up in the workshop as soon as I get to printing it 😉

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