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News: LVMH confirms attendance at Baselworld 2019

baselworldsunshineMuch to Baselworld’s organizers delight, Mr Jean-Claude Biver has confirmed that LVMH will be present at the next one. However, much to nobody’s surprise, nothing has been confirmed for 2020. Quite the contrary, it seems that the message is as loud & clear as it’ll ever be: One more chance, change with the times, or else.


Mr Biver mentioned on CNN Money (Switzerland) that ““We already decided that we would attend, I decided that before retiring”. He also added it wasn’t a one-sided discussion, and that talks were held with the other Hall 1 superstars and neighbors at the fair: Rolex & Patek Philippe.


As per Reuters he continued with: ““We want to take advantage of 2019 to see together with the organizers what Basel 2020 could be. What are our wishes, our constraints (…) If we can manage that together with the fair, there is no reason we wouldn’t stay […] I agree with Swatch Group that the fair has never adapted to the 21st century, it is true.” Jean-Claude Biver already commented on the Swatch exit earlier in more detail here.


For the full detail, check out the details on Reuters here.

For our previous insight on the exit of the Swatch Group from baselworld, click here.


  1. Only JC can claim being ‘retired’ while announcing such a major commitment live on CNN haha. Tell me any other ‘retired’ person able to do this? The man is a legend.

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