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We’re introducing a new Collection in the store of Curated Horological Accessories & Other Solutions. While the store has been closed, our hands kept busy. We’re now offering further options, such as hand painted goods, storage solutions and tools.

In addition, we’ve got a few incoming essentials which we’ve been meaning to add to the shop for quite some time now. While they didn’t quite make the deadline, they will be added over the next few weeks. “Accessories” felt a bit too limiting, so we went full acronym instead. This collection will hold anything that is not a strap for the time being. Meaning watch rolls, pouches, springbar tools, etc.. For the moment, the hand-painted pouches take center stage, the collection will further evolve.

What is quite different with the handpainted collection compared to the other collections in the shop is that there will occasionally be goods readily available in stock. That is a first for us (if we’re not counting the nylon NATO straps). What it means is essentially that we may be working on specific items at any given time, when ready, they will pop up in stock in the store for immediate shipping. Other than being convenient, it is also a no-stress way for you to purchase the product in case it is hand-painted. You can judge the final result immediately based on the pics in the shop. Of course they are also available on request, as per usual.

We hope you enjoy this extra spice to your watch life.

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