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After a short downtime, the shop is now back operational. We had to make some much needed maintenance under the hood & have of course added quite a few new options in the store.


Now, the main reason we had to close the shop: New additions to the de Griff straps family! A very substantial update.

The Impact line

Life is too short to be boring, and so we’re absolutely thrilled to add the Impact line to the family. We can’t guarantee your grandfather would necessarily approve, and that’s absolutely fine by us. We put this leather through a really tough time, and where other leather said ‘Why me?’ this said ‘Try me’.

Impact Black and Impact Brown

These are constructed from bark tanned leather. There’s a particular way we apply patina to the strap which is quite different compared to what we can do to our other straps. The result is an absolutely unique strap every single time.

The Riviera line

Back with a vengeance. Those of you who know us for a while now may recall the Riviera line as a more lightweight strap and being very soft to the touch. We heavily re-thought the way the leather should be treated and the strap has to be constructed to improve upon the original & previous design.

L2R: Riviera Grey, Brown, Blue

As a result the Riviera line is now officially back, different from the first generation but with the same goal: A lightweight alternative to the Portofino straps. The Portofino straps are overall a tougher strap & that particular leather will also patina much heavier. The Riviera line instead is more lightweight, softer to the touch (think soft french calfskin leather jacket) and will develop less patina over time.

Classic Line

The classic line has several new additions and we have now ‘officially’ introduced the Textured straps. Available currently in a tan, blue & also an earthy green. Know that we can easily add colors to the selection, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you have a particular color in mind that you’d like us to add to the lineup.

L2R: Textured Tan, Royal Blue, Steppe Green

In the smooth finishing, there’s also the new grey option from the same family as the Barenia Honey Brown. It is simply said the softest leather you’ll ever find on a watch strap.

Barenia Grey

The Alligator line

We added a few more colours in the shop for your viewing pleasure. Please be aware that lead times, when we run out of raw material, can be quite long. Patience is key here ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alligator Blue

All our Alligator straps are now also lined with top grade water resistant and hypo-allergenic lining. This to make sure that this precious strap lasts as long as possible.ย For the Alligator straps, for the time being please note that we only ship these within the EU. The administration and formalities required for exporting are a bit of a headache at the moment. We are actively looking to streamline this so we can ship more easily and of course in line with CITES.

Blast from the past

For a brief period we are re-releasing a legacy strap: the Antique Brown. It is old-school cool and pure nostalgia for us personally ๐Ÿ˜‰

Antique Brown

Please note these are really made quite differently compared to our standard Original style strap. For a brief moment, we’re putting these back up, just for fun and in very limited quantity. A total blast from the past.



A very sincere THANK YOU for your continued support, trust & patience when ordering from our shop. We highly appreciate it – every, single, time. We hope you will appreciate the new introductions to the shop and also the new content which we continue to bring to the platform here.

Best regards,

Jan & Cie


  1. Beautiful work Jan and Co!!! It is fantastic seeing you guys absolutely push the strap game. New order incoming! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Ps: the impact straps are irresponsibly gorgeous omg ๐Ÿ˜€

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