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Monday Blues: Movies And Watches
"Five Long Years"

Movies can be one of the better ways to crush those Monday Blues. Watches aren’t just timekeepers in movies, they’re a statement piece that can say a lot about a person. In movies, a watch can be the difference between a hero and a zero.

For tonight’s suggested viewing, here are 10 films that will make you forget all about any potential Monday blues:

“James Bond: Casino Royale”

James Bond isn’t James Bond without his trusty Omega Seamaster. It’s the ultimate accessory for any suave and debonair spy. The, fantastic, movie also contains this little ‘gem’:

Vesper Lynd: “Rolex?” 

James Bond: “Omega”. 

“The Thomas CrownCrown The knob on the outside of the watch that you typically use to either wind the mainspring or set the time [Learn More] Affair”

Pierce Brosnan’s Thomas Crown wears a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Duo, and that’s all we need to say.


Another James Bond, but a different one in this case. I hope that makes sense. Sean Connery wears his Rolex Submariner 6538 on a NATO strap and there is an epic wristshot at some point.


Ray Liotta’s Henry Hill wears the Rolex that defines Rolex: The Day-Date. Also, seriously, it’s Goodfellas. Any day is a good day for Goodfellas.

“Ocean’s Eleven”

George Clooney’s Danny Ocean wears a few watches during the movie, and strangely enough none are Omega. We caught a glimpse of a Luminox and a Hamilton Linwood Viewmatch.

“The American”

I’m not gonna lie, this movie might just bring the Monday Blues right in your living room. The movie features George Clooney and this time he does wear an Omega. An Omega Speedmaster Professional.

“Pulp Fiction”

Epic movie with perhaps the most incredible watch-focused scene in movie history. Something about five long years and what not. Anyway, just watch the movie.

“American Psycho”

American Psycho is a dark comedy about a Wall Street yuppie Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) who moonlights as a deranged serial killer. It’s a hilarious take on the excesses of 80s capitalism and a lesson in how not to act when you’ve got too much money and too much free time. Just remember, “business cards are important.” While many mention the Rolex Day Date on Bateman’s wrist, the watch is in fact a  Seiko.

“Apocalypse Now”

An epic ride, and also a must watch for any self respecting person. The movie features a few watches, and most notable perhaps the Rolex GMTGMT A GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) complication is a feature found in some watches that allows the wearer to track two time zones simultaneously. It typically includes a 24-hour hand and a bezel or a second hour hand that can be adjusted independently of the main hour hand to track the time in a different time zone. [Learn More]-Master (Marlon Brando) and the now immortal Seiko Willard (Martin Sheen).


This is not a movie, but an experience. Also, an epic win for the Hamilton Khaki Field Watch landing a lead role in this one!

Remember, it’s not just about the brand, it’s about the style. And the product placement.

“Monday Blues” is a column designed to chase away those dreaded Monday doldrums. This lighthearted column takes a playful look at the world of wristwatches, exploring all the quirky, humorous and offbeat aspects of this fascinating hobby. So, sit back, relax and join us as we tackle the Monday Blues.

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