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Release: NOMOS Club Sport Colors Blue On New Bracelet!

Ever since the initial black dialed release of the NOMOS Glashütte Club Sport it has been one of my favourite NOMOS watches. NOMOS now introduces a blue dialed variation on the initial black dial. However, the big news here is that fantastic new bracelet it comes on.

This release shares nearly identical specifications as the initial black dialed variation, if you’re looking for those feel free to check out the initial hands-on right here. As we have yet to get this blue dialed beauty in our hands, in this release article I will briefly focus on what sets this 42mm sports watch apart from its black dialed sibling.

The initial black dialed release

Based on the initial release images, it is clear that the new bracelet is dramatically different. One similarity with the older bracelet design appears to be that both bracelets use the same clasp design. This is great news as that was a very slender take on the clasp, which also featured the possibility for finer adjustments for a perfect fit.

The first Sports bracelet, with similar (same?) clasp design

As you can see based on the above pictures, the first sports bracelet had that retro inspired link design. The new bracelet proposes a much more familiar looking three link design with polished center links. In addition we see a clear difference in the end lug design. The end lug design was straight on the older bracelet (which is still relatively young), now the end link fits nicely against the case.

Based on these initial release pictures, I’m a fan. I was not quite expecting such a bracelet design. At first glance, it is almost too conventional for NOMOS, a brand that never shies away from a little disruption. Yet here we are, a three link bracelet with polished center links on a NOMOS. And the result is fantastic. The integrated end links will also potentially mean that the Club will suddenly be a more wearable option to smaller wrists than ever before. The end links fitting snugly against the case create a visually more compact watch.

NOMOS succeeds to disrupt, by not reinventing the wheel. How about that.

For more info, check right here.

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