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Shop News: New Rubber Tropic Straps
Ready for Summer

Just in time for a wild summer, we have stocked a few different colors and sizes of Tropic style straps in the shop. Just for you. Because we’re kind like that. These guys were all the rage in the sixties and seventies, and then slowly faded away. A few decades later, and they are back for more.

This is arguably the most comfortable rubber strap style out there. With a simple yet effective pattern on the underside and a perforated top these straps will sit nice and dry on most days.

Personally, I think these look fantastic on just about all divers. They really shine on vintage style divers but also look fantastic on chronographs. The combination of the basket weave pattern and the flat ends, have a distinct vintage je ne sais quoi.

For your convenience we have also made a set of four different colors, for a quick and easy way to expand your strap collection. All the straps come on quick release spring bars. In case you would need to fit in fat spring bars, you can remove the provided bars as there is space foreseen for the fat springbars as well.

For more information and detailed pictures, make sure to head to our shop.

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