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Hands-On: Swatch Flik Flak Watches Are Great And Here’s Why (VIDEO)
The Future Of Humanity Depends On Them

A growing number of humans grow up not knowing how to read a traditional analogue clock. Luckily, the Swiss come to the rescue. Let’s talk Flik Flak for a few minutes. Click below for the video:

If you happen to have any small kids, nieces, nephews or friends with small children, and you’re thinking of getting them their first good watch. Then I urge you to look at these Flik Flak Watches by Swatch.  These are perhaps the best designed watches for kids and make for an excellent first watch. I won’t waste your time here so I will just lay out all the facts why I think this is the case, and then let you decide for yourself. 

First of all, and most important perhaps, Flik Flak watches are designed to make reading possible and fun for the future owners. This might seem obvious, but there are so many cheap and badly designed children’s watches on the market, where it is almost impossible for kids to read the time. 

Firstly, the hour and minute hands are always of either a different design or different color. There is no mistaking one for the other. So you can perfectly teach someone that one color or shape represents the hour, and the other the minutes. In addition, the hours and minutes are also clearly laid out on separate tracks. This means that once the owner can read numbers, they will be able to manage reading the time on these Flik Flak watches, with a bit of practice.

Another element that makes these watches great is the excellent after sales service that Swatch offers, world wide. Once you buy one of these watches, which are of course battery powered, you get free batteries for life. Well, free batteries for this watch. All you have to do is walk into any Swatch boutique with your Flik Flak and Swatch will immediately exchange your battery if needed, free of charge. 

That is not all. The boutiques will offer an additional service. As you can see, one of these watches has been well worn, and could need a new crystal. Well, all that you need to do is take your watch, walk into your local Swatch store, and they will polish it, and once again, free of charge. This is very welcome service and it also teaches kids that it is nice to look after and repair things, rather than discard them once they get damaged – which is the case with the vast majority of kids watches on the market. 

One more very fun element is that you can easily swap straps on these watches. This is particularly interesting with kids, since they can have rather strong opinions on strap design. One will want stars on the bracelet, whereas the other will insist on having footballs pictured on there. Well, chances are that Swatch has those designs and they’ll happily match it on the watch. 

Finally, while these watches might not look like it, you can actually take these for a swim as well as they have water resistance. This is very handy, since kids are not necessarily thinking of taking off their watch before jumping in the pool. 

Flik Flak watches are marginally more expensive than most other children’s watches on the market. However, they are well worth the small premium. 

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