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News: Scion Of The Arnault Empire Takes Helm At TAG

Bernard Arnault is the mogul behind the LVMH empire, currently valued to have a 195 Billion dollar market cap. Said empire holds brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hublot, Zenith and yes – TAG Heuer. One of Bernard’s children, Frederic Arnault, at the age of 25 will become top dog at TAG Heuer, the brand founded in 1860.

Frederic Arnault has joined TAG Heuer in 2017, where he was involved to a certain extent in managing TAG’s connected watches. After just one year in that role, he moved up to become the Chief Strategy Officer. As of July 2020, he will be calling the office of the CEO his new home.

Frederic Arnault’s previous experiences includes a summer internship at McKinsey and an internship at Facebook.

He is now one of four other children of Bernard Arnault to hold a key position within the LVMH group.

TAG Heuer sits in a price segment within the industry that is taking a heavy beating and is known for being ultra competitive. Moreover, the smart watch category in which TAG Heuer is highly active, is being absolutely dominated by the Apple Watch. As such the newly minted CEO certainly has his work cut out for him.

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