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News: Apple Watch Production Hit By Coronavirus
Outselling the entire Swiss Watch Industry is no walk in the park

Just recently the big news was that the Apple Watch outsold the entire Swiss Watch Industry. Apple is indeed a big part of today’s watch industry, like it or not.

Famous for its beautifully designed in California, Made in China hardware, Apple’s supply chain is now suffering under the continued strain of the Coronavirus. Apple is not alone in this of course. However, one of the rumored ‘victims’ in Apple’s product catalog happens to be the most sold watch in the known universe: the Apple Watch. Next to the iPhone 11, it seems that supply of the Apple Watch has reportedly run dry for the moment.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO and a supply chain wizard by trade, has already stated publicly that Apple is doing the necessary to mitigate any supply chain risks linked to the recent Covid19 outbreak. Supply chain strategies designed in California, being implemented in China, so to speak.

Apple has also already released a profit warning over the coronavirus.

For a detailed look, there’s an excellent article in the Wall Street Journal digging into more detail which you can read right here.

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