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News: Swatch Sales of ETA Movements to Third Parties Frozen And What It Really Means

Swatch by now surely can’t wait for 2019 to be over and for a better 2020 to kick off. The brand is one of the most prominent ‘victims’ in the ongoing battle between smart watches (I’m looking at you Apple) and anything else that dares to sit in its price range (I’m looking at you Swatch).

Now the group has received another hit, however this time not from Cupertino but from within its very own Swiss borders. Bloomberg recently reported that ‘Switzerland’s antitrust regulator is temporarily banning Swatch from supplying mechanical watch movements to big rivals next year as it reviews whether there’s adequate competition in that market.’

Note that this is also troublesome news for the other big group, Richemont, which relies heavily on ETA movements for some of its brands.

For a lovely insight on this topic, do head over to Bloomberg where they have covered it quite nicely indeed.

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