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News: Danish Court Does Not Agree With Cutting Up Art For Watchmaking

Well, sometimes watch news comes at you in the most unexpected ways. This time it came from a Danish Court case, where one artist’s work was at risk of being cut up in order to make watch dials.

Artist Tal R won the injunction against a duo set to launch their own series of (microbrand) watches. In order to make a ‘splash’ and stand out in the vast ocean of micro brands being launched with every passing hour, they were aiming to cut up one of his paintings.

Not just that, they would then use the cut up canvas to make watch-faces for their line of ‘designer’ wristwatches. The artist, did not agree.

The goods news is that the depicted piece above being noted a ‘famous art piece by a famous artist’ – you too can be a famous artist one day.

More on this here.

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