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Release: Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch is at this point as big – if not bigger – than the entire Swiss Watch Industry combined. So it is with much interest that we observed the launch of the Apple Watch Series 5 yesterday. You are likely very familiar with the Apple Watch by now, so here are the essentials of what is actually new.

TLDR: It now features an “Always On” display which many of us were waiting for, other than that it seems the upgrade is rather limited for Series 4 owners. And that is perfectly OK.

Note that Always ON here does have the usual limitation: Battery life. The always-on display was stated to have a “full day” 18 hour battery life.

Image via Endgadget

In addition there is a new international emergency call feature as well as a built-in compass.

The cases received new colors and tweaks but nothing dramatically different from what we have seen in the past. There are new bands available as well as one has come to expect.

Our pick? The white ceramic case with leather loop. Retailing at USD 1399.

More info right here

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