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Release: Seiko Presage Prestige Line Enamel Dial Spring Drive!

Seiko’s Presage line never fails to impress. And continues its rapid climb in the luxury watch market. Seiko Now releases two new Presage watches and they both feature – for the first time in Seiko history – a Spring DriveSpring Drive A Spring Drive movement, pioneered by Grand Seiko, is a type of mechanical watch movement that combines the traditional mechanics of a mechanical watch with the precision of a quartz watch. It uses a mainspring as the source of energy, just like a mechanical watch, but instead of using a traditional escapement, it uses a quartz crystal to regulate the release of energy. The Spring Drive movement is considered to be highly accurate, and is known for its smooth, gliding seconds hand. [Learn More] movement!

As if that is not enough, there is also a dial with a story to tell: “the dial is made of enamel and has a simple yet modern design reflecting the philosophy of
a pioneer of modern Japanese design, Riki Watanabe, with whom Seiko had collaborated in several projects in the past. Watanabe passed away in 2013 and so, in creating these watches, Seiko worked with a long-time colleague and friend of Watanabe’s to whom he had entrusted the design direction of his work.”

The dials are available in two colors, a white and a black.

The movement can be seen through the exhibition case back. Both versions come with a power reserveRéserve de marche Also known as Power Reserve. A watch's power reserve refers to the amount of time a mechanical watch can run without being wound. The power reserve of a mechanical watch can vary depending on the size of the mainspring, the efficiency of the gear train, and the rate at which the mainspring releases energy. If a watch has a Power Reserve 'complication' it simply means that the status of the power reserve can be seen on the watch itself (either on the dial or movement side of the watch). [Learn More] indicator at the eight o’clock position and a date window at tgree o’clock. The case is in stainless steel with a “super hard” coating for extra toughness.

Retailing as of October 2019 at EUR 4.650,00

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