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Event: Complimentary Valuations On Vintage Watches By PHILLIPS in Brussels & Knokke (Sign-Up)

Our last interview was with Virginie Liatard-Roessli Watch Specialist at PHILLIPS in Association with Bacs & Russo. If you haven’t read it yet, certainly now would be the right time to do so right here.

Ms Liatard-Roessli, for PHILLIPS in Association with Bacs & Russo, will be in Belgium between July 8th and 10th. Anybody interested is welcome to book an appointment for a free valuation by contacting her directly [email her on vliatard(at)].

PHILLIPS in Association with Bacs & Russo evaluating your vintage watches is just about as good a valuation you will get, so do not hesitate to pick up this opportunity to do so.

Please note that this event will take place in both the city of Brussels and at the glorious seaside in Knokke. We will also be roaming around the area, in case you attend and look for a good excuse to share a drink – look no further and send us a note!

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  1. Rock and roll pose! 🙂
    Hey Jan – We might actually drop by, just not sure if collection is worthy of inspection by Ms Liatard-Roessli! At the very least, a good excuse to share a few drinks as you say 😉

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