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Watch Works: Duplex Swan-Neck Fine Adjustment

We’ve covered the essentials – and then some – in the Watch Works column by now. Time to take a closer look at some intricacies that can be found on certain watches that are worthy of a much closer look. 

For this addition to the Watch Works library, we are however not looking towards La Chaux de Fonds in Switzerland, but rather, to Glashütte in Germany.

The Duplex swan-neck fine adjustment.

This technical achievement is an innovation from Glashütte Original. It is based on the principle of the traditional swan-neck fine adjustment and – you guessed it – extends it by integrating a second swan-neck spring. 

And so if a swan-neck fine adjustment is used to finely regulate the rate of a watch, what does a second one bring to the table?

To understand that, it helps to know that they will both complement eachother, and improve the overall precision of the calibre. 

The Duplex swan-neck fine adjustment  is connected to the balance by means of the stud-holder and enables regulation of the anchor symmetry. Adjusting the adjustment screw allows one to turn the entire balance so that the impulse pin is centred in the anchor fork, which optimises the insertion of the palletsPallet Jewels The pallet jewels interact with the escape wheel. As the escape wheel rotates, its teeth engage with the pallet jewels, releasing a small amount of energy to the balance wheel at regular intervals. The pallet jewels are often made of synthetic sapphire or ruby, which are hard and durable materials that reduce friction and wear on the escapement mechanism [Learn More] in the escape wheelEscape wheel The escape wheel is part of the escapement mechanism. As the mainspring unwinds, it turns the going train gears and rotates the escape wheel. As the escape wheel rotates, it pushes the pallet, which releases a small amount of energy to the balance wheel at regular intervals. This causes the balance wheel to oscillate back and forth, which in turn drives the timekeeping functions of the watch. [More Info]

Thus on the right side one can regulate the rate (V/N) and on the left the anchor symmetry – for extreme precision. 

In a nutshell, the Duplex swan-neck fine adjustment essentially allows you to regulate both the beat and the rate of the calibre. Schön!

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