Different uses for a Chronograph

We all know what the Apollo 13 astronauts used their chronograph for? As eternalized with the Omega Speedmaster ‘Silver Snoopy Award’ limited edition, they used it to time their perfect rocket burst, to get back to earth. Now here are some of the most popular answers we collected […]

How to use a tachymètre

The one bezel to rule them all according to some, the most useless decoration to others, it is indeed the tachymètre (aka the tachymeter). It can be used to measure either (average) speed or distance. Found on most chronograph watches, it is easy to forget how to use […]

Shell Cordovan, what is it?

Shell Cordovan, that mystical and precious material in the leather family. What is it really though? And why is it different from for example calfskin leather? Did you know that your grandfather highly likely had a razor strop made of shell cordovan for his straight razor back in […]

How to PolyWatch

  If you own a watch with a plexi crystal you’ll notice that after a while it’ll pick up scratches. Unlike hard sapphire crystal, the plexi will indeed scratch much more easily. The good news is that you can actually get rid of the scratches if it is […]

Lug to Lug

“Is this watch too big (or too small) for my wrist” – This has to be one of the most asked questions prior to a watch purchase. One of the most often quoted measurements as an answer to that, is the Case diameter. If that is proportionate to […]