SHOP: Charity

We’ve been searching for a good cause to support for a while now. As we have customers pretty much around the globe, it was difficult picking ‘one’ cause that would benefit all. So we went for something all of us can surely appreciate: Clean air. To that goal, […]

Mysterious number IIII

Ever noticed that the 4-o’clock position doesn’t read ‘IV’ but rather ‘IIII’ on a watch? By golly Dr Watson, what’s going on?! Chillax my friend, we’ve got you covered. “Why does a watch use the number IIII instead of IV”. This is the question we will answer by the […]

Visiting Baselworld (Video)

At Baselworld, you have a choice, much like Neo did in the Matrix: You take the blue pill and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, see how deep the rabbit hole goes.Unlike Neo however, you don’t have to take any pills, you just […]

Never attend a watch event…

… unless you like to have a good time. Early February the folks at organized their second watch meet-up, this time in the fantastic city of Amsterdam. This got us thinking: Why on earth should you possibly even consider joining a watch ‘Get-Together’ type of event?

Different uses for a Chronograph

We all know what the Apollo 13 astronauts used their chronograph for? As eternalized with the Omega Speedmaster ‘Silver Snoopy Award’ limited edition, they used it to time their perfect rocket burst, to get back to earth. Now here are some of the most popular answers we collected […]