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Shop News: New Watch Tubes In Multiple Colors and Sizes
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Curated just for you, a new range of watch tubes providing you a robust way of storing multiple watches. The design provides ample protection against scratches. If you’re looking to hold a number of your watches in a single case, this is certainly not a bad way to do it. Available now from our shop right here.

In my personal opinion, nothing beats a good watch pouch, such as ours right here, for an easy carry of a single watch. I swear by our DE GRIFF pouches, and use a number of different ones, depending on the type of watch it is (strap or bracelet).

DE GRIFF Leather Watch Pouch (Bracelet edition)

However, once you start thinking about storing multiple watches in one and the same space, perhaps a watch case or watch tube is worth looking into. They are a convenient way of storing multiple watches and keeping scratches away.

To ensure a scratch-free experience, the Tubes we selected feature a fully suede-lined interior and also feature matching detachable suede pillows. Each pillow can be easily swapped in and out as each one is locked in place individually with snap buttons. The case itself also features snap buttons which ensure the case stays closed when required. The exterior shell features regenerated leather with a cross-hatch embossed pattern and a sealed finish on top. This essentially makes the material pretty water-resistant and easy to keep clean. 

Note that these rolls are handmade to a large extent (with machine stitching), minor differences or imperfections come with the territory. Watch Tubes are available in navy blue, black and grey.

For more information, dive right into the shop right here.