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DE GRIFF Live – Episode 1: Jean Claude Biver

We’re sending more watch talk across the airwaves, now with DE GRIFF Live. Not your regular Podcast wrapped up in a controlled environment. We take you with us, on the road and off-camera. Conditions are not always ideal, but the discussions are always highly entertaining and interesting. To kick things off, we decided to release the to-date unreleased talk we had with Mr Jean-Claude Biver.

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You have certainly (of course) seen the video interview we had with him, but you might not have realised that we had to shelve quite some of that talk during editing. Now, without any further delay, the full chat with arguably the most interesting man in this industry.

If you happen to speak German, the last few minutes are most certainly worth your time as well. If you don’t speak German, this is a good reason to learn a new language…

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